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Friday, 20 August 2010

The calm before the storm...

So here it is. My first proper blog.

I have been debating about whether I should do this or not, as I can't imagine that many will find it that interesting, but, if you're like me, you'll think why the hell not.

I, like many people, have never played any sort of Pen and Paper Role Playing Game (PnP RPG). It's always been something that I've known about, but never actually played. This is similar to a lot of things in my life. Most recently it was Magic: The Gathering. A very popular Collectable Card Game by Wizards of the Coast. As a kid, I always knew of it, but never knew anyone who played it. So, I became just an avid fan of the art work, and many of the artists are favourites of mine today. I never did learn how to play until very recently.

Rewind back to mid June. A friend of mine emails myself with a link to a chap who had started a new RPG Group for the Greater Glasgow area. I thought why not. Within a couple of weeks, I had had lengthy email discussions with the group organiser and after our first inaugural meet, we were very much impressed at how many turned up and how many seemed genuinely interested. So within the group, due to numbers, we now have two campaigns, with many other people still joining. Of the two groups, mine is yet to start. This coming Sunday in fact. Hence the blog.

So there we go. A quick recap of my reasoning behind the blog. I warn you though. Through blogging on various other sites, I've been told I write blogs well, but apparently I talk some amount of rubbish.

But hey, we're talking about D&D here. Not all loot is good loot, right?

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